Home Improvements – Patio Furniture

It wasn’t many years ago that patio furniture consisted of a plastic table surrounded by several plastic chairs. To be honest it served the purpose and at the end of the day that was all you really wanted. However time marched on and advancements were made to all types of outdoor furniture whether patio or not.

Obviously our climate has to be taken into consideration when considering just how the patio items will be utilised. When hot weather is in abundance (it is sometimes!) shade is welcomed and a large umbrella is ideal and somewhat essential if there are certain items of food and drink to keep out of the sunlight. The design of the patio furniture has to depend on what use it is for. Are the chairs going to be at the pool edge or are they purely for patio entertaining. There has to be a certain degree of flexibility all round. Take time to research exactly what you have in mind and when you find the perfect item you will be able to look forward to years of patio entertaining. The table can either be a small bistro type or one that extends depending on how many guests at any certain time.

There are some of us who will not want to entertain but prefer to simply lounge around, cold drink in one hand and good book in the other. Blood pressure going down, down, down. In this instance you have to concentrate on perhaps a swinging piece of patio furniture or one that rocks gently to and fro. Relaxation is uppermost in your mind and rightly so. Make sure you pick the right type of material with the most common being wood followed by metal, plastic and wicker. Quite honestly I would not envisage relaxing in a metal chair but everyone to their own choice. Wood is by far the most popular and if this is your choice then ensure that you treat it with a protective coating of a water resistant liquid.

Don’t forget that whatever your patio furniture is made of it will require maintenance at some time or other. It might mean re-staining or steam cleaning or simply a cover up during inclement weather.

According to most authoritarians wood furniture is the most expensive but it will of course depend upon which wood is selected. Cedar is probably the best. Wood itself looks good because being wood it is a natural element within the garden and does not absorb heat or cold.Briefly, wrought iron is tough and is available in many colours so can easily match the d├ęcor. It is however dependent upon maintenance to see it through the years. Cracks will need sealing and painting otherwise rust will make inroads. One big advantage however of wrought iron is that in high winds the furniture will not be blown around as much as aluminium items for example.

Speaking of Aluminium apparently this is the largest seller of all outdoor furniture. It does not rust and is fairly easy to maintain. However give high wind, will fly!

Wicker is another material that will take flight easily in a windy environment. Also in direct sunlight there is a tendency for it to fade.
This all brings us to plastic which is where we came in. It is not expensive but will need replacing every now and again.

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